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How To Install and Run On Blogger (complete Detail) introduction and benifits

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Instructions To Install On Blogger

1.Go to
 2.Signup with your Email id and Your website (as shown in below snap  ) signup

3. After Signup , you will 3 types of rewards program Loyalty Program, One Time Giveaway, Achievements program. Click on Loyalty Program (as shown in below snap  ) dashboard 
4.Now Select Your Platform i.e, Blogger, Click on Blogger choose platform blogger

5.Then Click on "Install Punchtab Reward On My Blog"

 install punchtab rewards to my blog 

6.Now you will be Redirected to your blogger, Select Your Blog and click on "Add Gadget" (as shown in below snap  ) add element 

7.Now Punchtab is Installed On your Blog

8.Now Go to > Loyalty Program >Settings and Link with Your Facebook Page (as shown in below snap)

 punchtab loyalty program settings

9.Now View Your Blog  or search for the punchtab enabled websites or blogs and You will see a floating badge at the bottom of your blog (as shown in below snap or bottom of this website)

10.Click on Connect, (connect with Facebook account that you have linked in step 8 )

punchtab new badge
11. After Connecting You will see your Dashboard which shows the Points that you have earned from this website 
  • You will earn 100Pts for visiting website (daily bases)
  • You will earn 100pts for liking/sharing the content on Facebook punchtab reward on liking
  • You will earn 100pts for Twitting punchtab reward on twitting
  • You will earn 100pts for sharing on google+punchtab reward on google+1
  • You will earn 100pts for Commenting
                                                Hence readers(visitors) use this points to win the prize
12.You can also view your catalog, Leaderboard  from this badge

punchtab new badge dashboard 
13.Click on Catalog to check how many points required to win the prize 

punchtab badge catalog 
14.Click On Leaderboard it shows the the list of visitors who are participating or who are visiting this site everyday and what are their activities(this visitors turn into loyal readers)

punchtab badge leaderboard

Hence you visit this websites/blog everyday to earn more points and win the prize . hence it builds a loyal readership

Now Let us take a look at all other Options on The website

Once you Login on you will see a Dashboard which shows the statistic of your activities as shown in below snap

punchtab loyalty program

When ever you visit punchtab enabled websites, share content,tweet content, +1s or comment you will earn badges based on your loyalty

punchtab achivement program

Their is One more option on your Dashboard i.e., "One Time Giveaway" this is used to create your on Contest on your blog

punchtab create One Time Giveaway

  • Now click on Loyalty Program,

punchtab loyalty program

You will see a Default Catalog of prizes  which are offered to the winners based on their points earned
You can also create your own catalog by clicking on "create a custom catalog" (as shown in below two snaps )

punchtab default catalog
Default Catalog

punchtab create  catalog
Create Custom Catalog
  • Now click on Leaderboard it shows the the list of visitors who are participating or who are visiting your site everyday and what are their activities(this visitors turn into loyal readers) 
punchtab leaderboard

  • Now click on Widgets
Their are 3 widgets which can be added to your blog as shown below

punchtab widget

Hence this is how it works

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